Stop making
emotional decisions
with your Ul/UX.

At Fēnom Digital, we move the needle with an analytical approach to a customer’s experience on your website.

User First Design

We help make online purchasing easy while generating more revenue, done the right way with Salesforce.

A great website consumer experience will create a bond between your company and your customer. Our user-first strategy leads to happy and loyal customers, and our creative development formula leads to measurably higher sales and better conversion rates.

We pride ourselves in our ability to combine knowledge of how your business works with how your customer wants to engage.

Great Ul/UX doesn’t happen by chance

Well-thought-out UI / UX is something incredibly important for the creation of a GREAT e-Commerce website, but it is also something which few users really understand. But, as soon as a user has a negative experience trying to buy something or navigating a poorly planned site, they know exactly what it feels like.

Putting true effort, expertise, and good analytical data into a captivating and easy to use design is crucial to e-Commerce success.

Some of the steps we take to ensure
the best user experience

Ul/UX Assessments

A/B Testing

Performance Assessments

Our years of experience and training give us the knowledge to identify the best strategy
for developing a world-class e-Commerce solution for you. We love to continuously
improve the products we create. Great companies know that a successful e-Commerce
platform is a work in progress. We partner with our clients to make sure they are
always running at peak performance.

We design websites for
people, in a way people
want to use them.

Understanding User Needs


Before we build anything, we do extensive research to create your typical user personas. This helps us map successful customer journeys.


Our technologists collaborate with you and our designers to ensure that we deliver the best user experience, design, and backend possible.


We create prototypes and then test our creations with real users. This way we get instant feedback about your project’s usability and we react accordingly.


We work with our clients to build solutions that address real user needs. This emphasis on human-centered design means that we always deliver compelling user experiences.

Ul/UX Design

We synthesize cutting-edge user experience design and the best technology to deliver great experiences that solve business challenges and make customers happy.

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